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Agnes Waypoints Support

Step 1: Self Help

If you need help, first please make a genuine effort to solve your own problem.

  • If you are working with Wordpress, there is a huge and well-developed set of help documents on almost every aspect of the software, called the Wordpress Codex.
  • Most of the other applications available for installation on Agnes Waypoints via Installatron have their own help and tutorial pages; please look to their individual help pages for answers to your questions about them.
  • If you're having issues with your cPanel or managing your domain, check these Domain Docs for guidance.

Step 2: Support Team Help

The tutors in the Center for Digital Visual Literacy (CDVL) are available to …… (meet with you one-on-one for 45-minute tutorials on developing your sites. The Writing Center should be your first stop for all composition issues, including site design and development. Just as EWC tutors won't proofread for you, they will not fix your site for you, but they will discuss strategies and resources you can use to become a better editor of your own site.)

If your questions go beyond the level of support that the CDVL can offer, they will most likely refer you to the Technology Production Studio, McCain Library, G43

You can Email, describe the issue you are having as clearly and completely as you can and explain what you've already tried to fix it. If you can, provide screenshots illustrating your issue and someone will get back to you.

Help with your Domain account or cPanel

If you are having trouble with your cPanel or Domain account, then please email Please describe the issue you are having in as detailed a manner as you can and provide screenshots to illustrate your problem where possible so that we can most effectively help to resolve your issue.

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