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Installing Wordpress

Once you've signed up at and have an account, you'll want to install WordPress in order to publish a site in the space that you now “own”. WordPress is one of the most popular publishing platforms on the web, an open-source publishing platform that can be used for setting up a blog or website easily. It's probably the best publishing platform for you to begin your work on Waypoints with and is the application being supported by the College. Eventually you might want to experiment with other applications too but to start with WordPress is the publishing application of choice.

Setting up a WordPress install on your own domain can be done by following these simple steps:

Log In & Installatron

To get started you'll need to login to your control panel by going to the Agnes Scott Waypoints homepage and clicking Login.

Once logged in you'll be at the homepage of your cPanel (control panel), which should look something like this:

Click on the Wordpress icon to go to the Installatron page. Click on the “Install this application” button:

Configure installation

The only changes you need to make on the configuration page are under the Settings section.

Scroll down until you see the Settings section and the Administrator Username and Administrator Password fields.

A random Administrator Username and Password are created for providing access to your WordPress dashboard. You should change this random username and password to a something you will remember as this will be the how you login in in the future. You will not be able to change the Username in the future but you can change the Password.

click on the install button:

An installation progress page will appear.

Once it's completed, you will receive a confirmation email

and then your new site with three important URLs will appear:

The first address is the URL for your new domain. That's where you or anyone else can go to see the published version of your site.

The second address is the URL you'll need to log in to your Wordpress dashboard. Click on it and it should bring you to your Wordpress dashboard (sometimes you need to log in with the Administrator Username and password you setup during installation, but sometimes it just automatically logs you in). You might want to go ahead and bookmark the URL for your dashboard, because that's where you will need to go in the future to publish work to your site. The dashboard is the URL for your domain with “/wp-admin” added onto the end (e.g., “” will bring Agnes to the login page for her dashboard.)

Your dashboard should look like this:

Next steps

That's it! You've successfully installed Wordpress and you're done working inside the cPanel for now. Yay!

There are lots of other things that you can do with your cPanel later on, if you wish, including installing lots and lots of other applications.

But your next step is probably to configure Wordpress now that you've got it installed.

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