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Signing up on - Waypoints

Welcome to Waypoints @ Agnes Scott!
We are providing students and faculty with web hosting service, Agnes Scott Waypoints (, through the Domain of One's Own initiative at Reclaim Hosting. Each student and faculty member will be able to sign up and register your own sub-domain off of the root-level domain

Terms to be Familiar With

  • Domain Name System (DNS) - - Has a tree structure or hierarchy. is the root-level domain and any sub-domain of will appear to the left of the address.
  • Domain or Domain Name - a domain or domain name represents an Internet Protocol (IP) resource, such as a personal computer used to access the Internet, a server hosting a web site, or the web site itself or any other service communicated via the Internet. In 2014, the number of active domains reached 271 million.
  • Sub-domain - is a domain that is part of a larger domain. You use an existing domain name ( and add a sub-domain name ( to create a web site for hosting unique content.
  • IP - is the method or protocol by which data is sent from one computer to another on the Internet.
  • IP Address - an exclusive number assigned to devices (printers, computers, etc.) on an internal network or the Internet that provides the ability to communicate between devices. Think of an IP Address as your US Postal mailing address.

Choosing a Sub-Domain Name

Before you actually get started with creating your sub-domain, you should think a little bit about what you would like your sub-domain name to be because one of the first steps in setting up your web hosting site is providing your sub-domain name. Your sub-domain can be your name, some variation of your name, your Agnes Scott network UserID or it can be anything you want to use.

Keep in mind that your web site name is one of the initial steps in cultivating your digital presence, so choose wisely.

The Sign-Up Process

  • Enter your Agnes Scott network userid and password

  • Key in the subdomain name you have chosen

  • Click the Click to Continue » button
  • Read the Terms of Service.

  • Check the check box at the end of the document which indicates you have read the document and agree to the Terms of Service

  • Click Register Now
  • You'll see the Congratulations Screen and taken to your site's cPanel (Control Panel) page.

From your cPanel, you can begin installing the software that will allow you to build sites on your new server space and domain!

Verficiation Emails

Immediately after you complete the signup process you will receive a verification email confirming the creation of your account. You should retain this email either print it as a PDF and save the electronic version or you can leave it in your gmail account.

Next Steps

Install WordPress.

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