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Tiny Tiny RSS

Installing Tiny Tiny RSS

Log into

In the web applications tab click view more.

Go to the applications browser in the top right hand corner.

Search for “Tiny Tiny RSS” (TT RSS) Click install this application.

You will be asked to create a directory for the new application, example:

The application will automatically be installed to your applications in the My applications tab. Go to the “My Applications” tab you should see My RSS. The first step is to change your username and enter a password.

Go to your RSS website by entering into your web browser and log in using the information you just entered.

From there it is suggested that you make another account to use TTRSS or you can just use your admin account.

To create another account you will need to log in as your admin account, the one you created above, to create another account to use TT RSS.

In the top left corner click actions, then click preferences.

At top a bar of options will appear where you can change multiple settings. You will need to click on “Users”, then click “Create user”.

A pop up window will appear, enter a username.

Then click on the new user name and another pop up window will appear. Enter a password for the user. Then click exit preferences in the top left corner.

Click “actions”, click log out, and then log back in with your other username.

And you are all done setting up Tiny Tiny RSS!

Using Tiny Tiny RSS

Tiny Tiny RSS is very simple to use. To start adding feeds and getting pages simply click “Actions”, and then click “Subscribe to feed”.

There will be a pop up where you can enter the sites URL and then TTRSS will start to pull in articles.

Repeat until you have all the feeds that you want!

To edit or unsubscribe from a feed you can simply right click on the title of the feed on the left side bar, then click “edit feed”.

Then a pop up window will appear. Click “Unsubscribe” in the lower left hand corner. You can also edit other options in this window as well.

Applications of TTRSS

  1. News sites
  2. Technology Sites
  3. Fashion
  4. Comedy

Craigslist: Find your city, go into the subsection that you want (i.e.: Cars+Trucks) , type in your search at the top and hit search. Once on the results page, copy the URL in your browser, then paste the link into TTRSS's subscribe to feed section.

Reddit: Follow the last few steps below for Video and Audio and in the preferences tab you will see a plugin labeled, “af_redditimgur” click to select the plugin, and then click, “Enable selected plugins”

Video and Audio: You can subscribe to video sites such as youtube and others, but you may notice that they the videos will not appear in the feed and you have go to another web page to view them. To change this an make it a bit easier you can download a Video Plugin here. It currently supports Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, MyVideo, Viddler and SoundCloud. More information can be found here:

Log in to your Cpanel, Go to the “Files” Section and click on “File Manager”.

You should see a file named what you named your Tiny Tiny RSS directory. Click and enter that file.

At the top, click upload to video zip file to that folder.

With the zip filed selected, click extract from the top bar to unzip the file. It will create a file called “ttrss-videoframes-master.” Then enter the unzipped file. There will be another folder inside of the there called “Video Frames”, move that file out of of the “ttress-videoframes-master” into the plugins folder.

Then head over to your Tiny RSS site, login, and from the homepage “Click Actions,” and then “Preferences”.

Then at the bottom there is a tab called plugins, its hard to see, but click it.

From here you can enable the plugin by clicking it and then click “Enable selected plugins”

Now you are ready to view videos straight from your feed!

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