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Finding and changing account and application information and passwords in cPanel

One common issues that some have is that they forget their passwords for various accounts.

If you have forgotten your password for WordPress the easiest way to fix that is to use the lost password feature that appears below the login.

If you have lost your user name to wordPress or other various accounts the solution is only a bit more complex.

The first step is to go to and then login with your Emory NetID & password.

Then in the cPanel scroll down to your installed applications section and click on the application that you need to change or see information about.

In this example I will use WordPress, so click on the icon and it will take you into that account's settings.

Once inside you should be able to scroll down and see the administrator user name and password. If you can't see it you will still be able to enter new information into that box and make those changes.

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