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Installing Applications with Installatron

Agnes Waypoints makes use of a special script installer called Installatron. This allows to quickly and easily install Web applications to your new Web space. By default, when you use Installatron, the application you add will be automatically upgraded whenever a new version is available (and a backup will be kept, just in case).

We have specific instructions for installing WordPress using Installatron, but below you'll find general instructions about how to install any application using Installatron.

Installing Applications Using Installatron

To get started you'll need to login to your Agnes Waypoints site by going to the Agnes Waypoints homepage and clicking Login.

Here you'll login with your Agnes Scott network id and password.

Once logged in you'll be at the homepage of your control panel. You will need to scroll down until you see a section of the Control Panel labeled “Software/Services.” Within this section you will see an icon for Installatron which you should click.

When Installatron opens, you will see a list of any applications you've already installed. To install something new, click on the Applications Browser button (labeled with a large star).

A listing of all of the applications you can install with Installatron will appear. Browse to the one you want to install, and click the icon.

After clicking the icon, a page will appear with information about the application, links to resources, and a link to install it.

Click “install this application” when you are ready. A page will appear with a number of settings you can choose/change. The image below shows these settings; here is a rundown of them:

  • Location: You'll need to choose where to install your new application. You can install it at the root of your domain or in a subdomain (which you need to set up first). In addition, you can place your application in a folder (in either your root domain or a subdomain). Note that Installatron will by default suggest placing any application after the first one you install into a subfolder, even if you're installing into a subdomain. Pay careful attention to the default location settings.
  • Version Information: You can choose a version of the application. Generally, we recommend choosing the default version. It is likely to be the most recent, stable release.
  • Updates & Database Management: By default, the system is set up to automatically upgrade (and create backups upon upgrading) all applications. In addition, by default, the database will be set up for you automatically. We recommend NOT changing these options.
  • Username/Password: An username/password will be automatically generated for you. You can choose to change this, if you like.
  • Website Title: Pick a title for the site that will be created when you install your applicaiton. You should change this from the default title!

After installation, you'll be taken back to the main Installatron page, with details about the application you just installed. At anytime you can come back here to review the application details, back it up manually, or uninstall it.

To get to your new site, you can click the “website” link. In addition, you'll have received an email with your username/password and a link to your new site.

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